Graham Emery

Clinical Psychologist
Mindfulness Practitioner
40+ Years’ Experience
Works with Adults (18+)

Phone Consults with Video Consults becoming available in 2023

Graham is an accomplished, respected and highly regarded Clinical Psychologist with over 40 years’ experience working within a range of clinical settings.

Graham’s work experience includes 14 years as a highly valued member of a Community Mental Health and Inpatient Team, six years as Regional Alcohol and Drug Coordinator, nine years within the Prisons & Community Corrections System, and three years as a Curtin University Nursing Degree Lecturer, which included Developmental Science and Behavioural Management.

Currently, in addition to being available to Feel Good Psychology & Counselling Clients, Graham continues to enjoy providing services assisting the unemployed, as well as, continuing with his role as a TAFE counsellor.

Graham, further, has extensive experience working with and supporting Veterans, Police, and members of the Australian Emergency Services.  Further, Graham has extensive experiences working with Multi-Cultural clients.

Graham’s area of expertise and therapeutic focus is the Evidenced Based Treatment of Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Graham has also trained in and has extensive experience using Experiential Therapies and Transpersonal Approaches.  And, in addition to being a Mindfulness Practitioner, Graham is a long time practitioner of and educator in Yogic Breathing and Meditation Techniques

Graham is also trained as a Minister of Justice Hostage Negotiator.

Graham’s vast range of experience and his deep understanding of the human condition has led him to develop, with confidence and therapeutic integrity, a supportive, humanistic, open-minded, and non-judgmental approach to helping clients resolve their issues and ultimately to Feel Good.