Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth allows you to speak to a psychologist either by phone consult or video consult. The advantage of this is that you can have your therapy session in the comfort your own home, your car, the garden or any other personally chosen venue. If you opt for a telephone consult, the psychologist will call you on your nominated contact number. If you opt for a video consult, the psychologist will send you a link that will offer you information about the secure video platform we use. You will receive detailed ‘how to’ information, which will include what to expect in the days leading up to your appointment.

How can I book an appointment?

Existing Clients:
You can access the online booking service to book, cancel and reschedule your appointments. If you prefer, you can also contact Feel Good Psychology & Counselling and speak to us directly for appointment bookings, cancellations and rescheduling.

New Clients:
You will be offered an initial free 15 minute intake/triage appointment, which you can also book online (follow the prompts on booking page) or you can book over the phone or by email.

What is Bulk Billing & How much will an appointment cost me?

Clients who are bulk billed do not need to pay for their sessions as the fee for your session will be retrieved by Feel Good Psychology & Counselling from Medicare. There is NO FEE for BULK BILLED CLIENTS!

The fee we retrieve from Medicare is the amount of the subsidy a client would usually receive back were he or she to pay the recommended full fee to see a psychologist.

Currently, the recommended fee to see a psychologist is around $220 per hour – usually, a client would pay this and then claim their Medicare subsidy of approximately $89.

For Bulk Billing Clients, Feel Good Psychology & Counseling receive permission from the client to receive the Medicare subsidy as full payment for your session.

Clients with a valid Medicare Card, a GP Referral and a Mental Health Treatment Plan will be automatically bulk billed, meaning there is no out of pocket expense. For this to happen smoothly, it is important that we receive all necessary informant prior to your first session.

Do I need a referral?

To be eligible for bulk billing, you will need a referral AND a valid Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP.

What is a Mental Health Treatment Plan (formerly Mental Health Treatment Plan):

The Mental Health Treatment Plan forms part of the the Better Access initiative that gives Medicare rebates to eligible people, so they can access the mental health services they need. Medicare Better Access helps cover the cost of mental health support, giving people easier access and more choice.

Please discuss your eligibility for a Mental Health Treatment Plan with your GP or consulting Psychiatrist.

The Mental Health Treatment Plan identifies the health care you need, and outlines the goals you and your doctor / psychiatrist wish to achieve.

This plan is offers eligible clients up to 10 individual and up to 10 group allied mental health services each year. Until the end of 2022, clients may also be eligible for an extra 10 sessions supporting the Australian community following the COVID Pandemic.

If you would like more information and/or clarification regarding Better Access, Mental Health Treatment Plans and Eligibility, please contact the Medicare Assistance Helpline on 132 011.

Who can refer me?

A practicing GP or Psychiatrist can refer you.

Do I need medicare?

Yes. To be eligible for Bulk Billing where the session fee received as payment by us is the Medicare Subsidy allocated to you for the purpose of Psychological Therapy, you will need a valid and current Medicare card.

How do you work?

Once a client is registered with and allocated to a Feel Good Psychologist, she or he will discuss frequency of appointments, preferred days and times and together come up with a therapeutic plan to achieve the identified therapeutic goals.

We are busy building our Frequently Asked Question knowledge base to help you find your way around as quickly as possible. If you are unable to find the answer to your query here please do Contact Us.