GP Referral

Dear Referring Practitioner

Thank you for considering Feel Good Psychology & Counselling as a referral option for your patient.  We strive to make referring your patient a quick, easy and efficient process for both you and your patient.  This booking page has been designed with the idea in mind that your patient is present with you whilst you enter the booking portal below.

We very much look forward to working with you and, in the meantime, wish you a truly good day!

Booking your Patient in for an Initial Free 15-minute Intake Appointment

Below you will find a link where, with your patient’s consent, you can book him or her in for a 15-minute free intake appointment.  As we are a 100% Medicare Bulk Billing service, the 15-minute free intake appointment does require that your patient has a Referral and a valid Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP).

Before proceeding, please do reassure your patient with the following information:

  • All patient information obtained during this initial intake appointment is considered confidential* and will treated as such; this is regardless of whether or not your patient wishes to engage with Feel Good Psychology & Counseling beyond their initial 15-minute intake appointment
  • There is no obligation for your patient to continue with Feel Good Psychology & Counselling following their initial intake appointment. 
  • There is no penalty if your patient changes their mind about attending the initial 15-minute intake appointment.
  • An initial 15-minute intake appointment does not count as one of your patients’ Medicare subsidised sessions. 

[* patients will be advised of any limitations concerning privacy & confidentiality at the time of their 15-minute appointment]

The Intake Appointment will be handled by Ms Bernadette Martin, a highly experienced psychologist. Bernadette is also the owner of and inspiration behind Feel Good Psychology & Counseling.

The purpose of the intake appointment is to meet your patient and for your patient to gauge their comfort with Feel Good Psychology & Counselling, as a Telehealth service.

Further, this free 15-minute initial intake appointment will offer Feel Good Psychology & Counseling the opportunity to gain a good understanding of your patient’s therapeutic needs and therapeutic preferences; the information gained during this 15-minute intake will lead to an increased probability of your patient being allocated to a therapist with the experience & expertise to meet their therapeutic needs & Telehealth preferences.

Sending & Receiving Referrals, Mental Health Treatment Plans & Other Patient Sensitive Information

Secure Messaging Service (SMS)

Where possible it is our preference to send & receive patient information via a Secure Messaging Service (SMS), such as ReferralNet and Argus.  Feel Good Psychology & Counselling is currently registered with both ReferralNet and Argus:

  • ReferralNet ID: hkMartiBerna507969
  • HealthLink Secure Messaging Address (EDI): feelgood
  • Argus ID: 737761

Fax, Email & Australia Post

Where the option of Secure Messaging Service (SMS) is not possible, you can either fax, email or post patient information to us:

Email: available on request – kindly use the contact options available
Fax: +61 8 9467 2882
Postal Address: PO Box 1142, Denmark WA 6333

We very much look forward to working with you and your patients!

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