Bernadette Martin

BSC Psychology (Hons)
Advanced Creativity Coaching Certificate with Dr Eric Maisel

Registered Psychologist
Works with Adults (18+)

Bernadette is now in her 20th year as a practicing registered psychologist and has worked with a diverse range of adults between 18 and 94 years of age, presenting with an array of backgrounds and therapeutic needs throughout Western Australia, Melbourne, and Canberra.

Having worked not only in private practice, but also for government, non-government and not for profit agencies, Bernadette has accumulated a solid foundation of experiential knowledge and wisdom, that, combined with her integrative & intuitive therapeutic approach and deepening understanding of the uniqueness of each individual, makes her a highly approachable, effective, compassionate, and authentic practitioner. Her sensitivity and creativity, as well as her genuine curiosity about people, only adds to her credibility as a thoughtful and effective clinician.

Bernadette has developed a particular understanding of the difficulties faced by the Highly Sensitive Person, the Smart, Creative Introverts and those striving to become an artist.  Bernadette’s commitment to supporting creative individuals inspired her to undertake studies with Dr Eric Maisel, a world-renowned creativity coach, and is looking to commence a Masters Degree in Creative Writing.

Whilst Bernadette is broadly read and experienced in a range of evidence-based approaches, she draws primarily on the pragmatic and compassionate approach of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

Bernadette is also a Trauma Counsellor and has considerable experience working with Veterans and their families, as well as the general community presenting with past and present trauma experiences.  Whilst Bernadette does not offer couples counselling or family counselling, she is able to offer relationship counselling and parenting strategies.

Bernadette is adept at helping clients with issues such as anxiety with or without panic attacks, depression, life transitions, adjustment, existential crises, workplace stress, bullying, generalized stress, social anxiety, shyness, relationship breakdowns, low self-esteem, interpersonal difficulties, conflict resolution, communication strategies, healthy anxiety, intra-familial distress, managing difficult people and more.