The Feel Good Team

We have come to know that all human beings prefer joy over anger, connection over fear, dreams over nightmares, love over contempt. We also understand, that sometimes, despite our best intentions, we can lose our connection with what feels good – with the way we prefer to feel, think & behave. Let us help you reconnect with what makes you Feel Good, no matter your situation or your symptoms. It feels good to get help…it really does

Our Feel Good Psychologists are highly qualified & committed to the Feel Good ethos.

All Practicing Psychologists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) and adhere to the Professional & Ethical Guidelines of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Whilst our psychologists are all committed to the Feel Good Ethos, they come with their unique personality, individuality, professional interests and areas of expertise. This means we can feel confident in knowing that can usually meet the diverse & unique needs of our clients.

The team of Feel Good Psychologists, we are proud to say, are an inspired, creative & professional group of professional human beings who would like to help you Feel Good, again.

All of our Psychologists support the idea that Feel Good Psychology is about finding joy. And that it is about remembering who you are. It is about laughter and fun, as well as tears and relief.

At Feel Good Psychology & Counselling, we believe that all human beings fundamentally seek to feel good.

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