Benefits of Telehealth

Greater Equity
Greater equity in service provision means that, provided you have, at a minimum, access to a mobile phone, there is no prejudice or bias in terms of who can access a Telehealth support service, no matter your circumstances.

Circumstances can include, but are not limited to, living rural & remote, being in isolation, being the primary carer of children, being committed to the care of elders, lack of transport, having a disability that prevents a patient from leaving the home, as well as, having a mental health issue significant enough that leaving your home to attend an appointment would cause great distress.

Reduced Expenses & Stress:
Giving you the option of attending your Telehealth appointment in the comfort of your own home, office, car or other personally chosen venue can reduce the expenses & stress associated with travelling, fuel, parking, childcare, and needing to ask for time off work

Less Waiting Time:
As well as not having to sit in a waiting room, another benefit is that because of the growth of this industry, Telehealth can offer a significant reduction in overall wait times for appointments.

Telehealth offers second to none flexibility in terms of where and when you can attend their Telehealth session, which contributes significantly to greater consistency and reliability in terms of continuity of care

Choice of Telehealth Delivery Platform:
Telehealth services can be delivery by phone or by video link, depending on a your and/or service provider’s preference.

It Feels Good to help
We feel good being part of the solution in response to APS concerns!